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Dress Code Cleaners for Business is a corporate dry cleaning service in Boston that provides exceptionally mission-critical same day dry cleaning services for Hotels and nearby Everett Businesses with additional benefits such as same day pick-up/drop-off and online scheduling.


We understand your dry cleaning needs

Dress Code for Business is a program that is specifically crafted for businesses who need a reliable dry cleaning solution for their employees with a fixed-rate corporate account that is tailored around the needs of their business.

In example, you employees can experience hassle-free pick-up and drop-off with our online scheduling tool or based on a pre-set defined schedule with same day dry cleaning. We understand how mission-critical your dry cleaning needs are for the operations of your business; we strive to maintain a relationship that exceeds any other local Everett dry cleaner.

Benefits of Dress Code for Business

  • All-In-One Washing & Dry Cleaning Solution

    Dress Code Cleaners for Business is your all-in-one dry cleaning solution for washing clothes and dry cleaning uniforms and attention-to-detail garments. If your company has specific uniforms or pressing requirements, we are happy to meet those specific needs.

  • Convenient Pick-Up & Drop Off Schedule

    We have convenient pick-up and drop-off schedules for our corporate program customers on a fixed schedule or on an as-needed basis.

  • Priority Dry Cleaning Completion

    We understand that your employee’s uniforms need to be prepared on a specific schedule, which is one of the reasons why all of our corporate program customers receive priority dry cleaning completion without compromise.

Dress Code Cleaners V/S Others

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    Competitive Pricing

    We value your business and we would be happy to create a competitive rate for your business.

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    Dedicated Dry Cleaning Specialists

    Our dry cleaning specialists provide top-notch customer service for you and your employees.

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    Rapid Pick-Up & Drop Off

    We’re here for you and your business around the clock; we can create a schedule that fits your needs.

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    No Compromise Business Dry Cleaning

    We put am emphasis on ensuring 100% satisfaction with every dry cleaning with inspection prior to delivery.


how it works

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